what is pos?

Point of sale system is a computerised replacement for a cash register. The software records each transaction when it happens, so that alcash_registerl your stock and financial records are always up to date. In today's world no business can afford to ignore the benefits of a point-of-sale system that can help it to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Point of sale has come a long way from the first cash register that was invented in 1879 to the first computerised point of sale system in 1973. Rather than to simply act as a basic cash register, a points of sale system continue to make business owners’ lives easier and improve operations so you and your staff can focus on real important issues like your customers.



Aberrant Point of Sale

Your business deserves a great POS system. Aberrant point of sale can be tailored to suit your exact business needs, putting you at the helm of your business operation. A good POS system is vital to the success of any business. 

Whether you have a small tuck shop, big supermarket, convenient store, bar, restaurant, guest house or any type of retail business we can provide you with a point-of-sale system that is affordable, reliable and very easy to use.

The success or failure of a small business depends on the person at the top, the people in it, and the products it provides. If he lacks the necessary tools and skills to run a small business, it is doomed from the start. Without technology to help and guide him, he will not be able to manage his business properly and it will fall.

Without a POS system it is almost impossible to control stock or to manage your sales. Tracking customers will be difficult and essential business reports like banking, vat, stock on hand, gross and nett profits will be time consuming and costly to produce.

Imagine you get into an airplane to fly. Everyone has boarded and you are ready for take-off. Then you look down and find out that there is no controls to navigate the aircraft. Without these instruments to give you feedback you will have no idea where you are heading, how high you are flying and it's a matter of time before you crash. We believe that if a business does not own a POS system, they are unknowingly putting themselves in this exact position.

Systems and control are the glue that holds a business together. It is the only way to keep a business organise, in check and on track. Aberrant is the answer to everything you need to operate a business successful.  

Point of Sale Software is an essential business management tool for entrepreneurs who needs to stay on top of their business         but who might not understand too much of computers or accounting.

Features                      Advantages
Fast Sales Screen                                                          Increase Bottom Line Profits.                       

Real time Stock Control                                                  Increase Productivity
Customers and Suppliers                                               Increase Efficiency
Password Control                                                           Eliminate billing errors.
Automatic Orders                                                           No Internet Required
Quotations & Specials                                                    No yearly license fees
Detailed Profit Report                                                     Reduce theft and stock losses.
Comprehensive Management Reports                          Make managing your store a pleasure. 

We would love to give you a demo because we believe showing you how a POS system works is much better that just telling you. So please do not hesitate to contact us on 073 595 0955 to request your free demo. 

 Some people dream of success. We will give you all the tools you need  to make it a reality.