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Point of Sale-Fintech Computers

 Software to control your business

Every business needs amazing software to streamline operations and boost efficiency. Fintech Computers is one of the leading suppliers of point-of-sale systems in the Northern Cape and was founded in Kimberley in 2007. We focus on POS systems that is affordable, reliable and easy to use.
Without a POS system it is almost impossible to control stock or to manage your sales.  Tracking customers will be difficult and essential business reports like banking, vat, stock on hand, gross and nett profits will be time consuming and costly to produce.

According to experts South Africa has one of the highest business failure rates in the world. The main reasons for failure is poor management, not enough sales and lack of cash. If a business is unable to manage its people, products and processes it will fail.

Without systems and controls a business have almost no chance to succeed. 

What we do 
We specialize in helping small business owners to become more efficient and productive by using computer software to control their business. During the past 15 years we have helped hundreds of small business owners to transform their companies from good to great.

No business can afford to ignore the benefits of a point of sale system which is to: 
  • Improve Efficiency - With a POS system you will be able to control stock and manage your sales. You can also track customers and eliminate billing errors. Essential business reports like banking, vat, stock on hand, gross and nett profits will be created automatically saving you time and money.success
  • Increase Productivity - Your business deserves a great pos system so that you can make informed decisions and do things properly the first time. This will increase your capacity to take on more business and more business means more profit
  • Better Control - Systems and control are the glue that holds your business together. It is the only way to keep your business in check and on track. A good point of sale system will empower your business to become the high-performance business you want. 
With our software you will be able to streamline operations, boost efficiency
and give yourself all the tools you may need to control and lead your business to success.   


Why choose us?
Our software works perfectly in almost any type and size of business. Whether you have a small convenient store, big supermarket, bar, restaurant, liquor store, hardware store, or any type of retail business we can help you. 

We put a lot of effort into developing mutual rewarding relationships with our customers and the best five reasons to choose us is:
  • No Risk - We can install our software for you for free for 30 days so that you can try it before you buy it.Kimberley_City_Portal_Link-V1.14-White_BG
  • No Hidden Cost – Unlike our competitors we don’t charge expensive monthly and yearly fees.
  • Next to No downtime – No internet required and if one till goes down, the rest of the system will still function properly.
  • Experience – We have more than 20 years experience so we know we can also help you.
  • Support – We are committed to provide our customers with exceptional service either remotely, telephonically or onsite.

Where to contact us
Please phone us on 073 595 0955 for a free quotation, a free demo or expert advice you can trustimages_-_2020-08-23T123021.956

Showing you how great our software is, is much better than just telling you. So if you are ready to start your own business or to take your small business to the next level then please do not hesitate to contact us.
Fintech Computers are dedicated to provide you with quality products,
outstanding service and a price to make you smile.

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